Grant Morrison on Magick, Aliens and the meaning of life

Grant Morrison at Disinfo Con

Complete transcript here at the Dedroidify Blog

"Your head's like mine, like all our heads; big enough to contain every god and devil there ever was. Big enough to hold the weight of oceans and the turning stars. Whole universes fit in there! But what do we choose to keep in this miraculous cabinet? Little broken things, sad trinkets that we play with over and over. The world turns our key and we play the same little tune again and again and we think that tune's all we are."
Grant Morrison

If you can find it check out the Disinfonation interview with him too.

The Short lived channel 4 disinfonation program (from This is a special where Grant Morrision dicusses his comic book The Invisbles: their origin and meaning. With excerpts from his Disinfocon talk. It's a fascinating interview with one of the most wonderful explanations of our reality and the alien phenomenon I've ever heard. (Features excerpts from the above talk too, but the interview that accompanies it is MUST SEE!)

The Klaxons - Magick

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