Do you need a god and paradise to make you behave more or less?
What about yourself, the people around you and this planet, isn't that enough?
Do you think rituals & belief will secure your paradise instead of being a good person to everyone?
(not just people of your own faith? - sorry)

And those that believe in science but know almost nothing of it,
are your wrongdoings justified because you and your fellow flukes of evolution are gonna die anyway?
You don't believe in miracles, no, except when you're waiting for good stuff to happen to you, out of nowhere!

"That's just me" you say... ignorance!
You are what you do and changing your ways is changing who you are.

Do you control your emotions or do they control you?
Can you realize that your logic is limited to your view of reality,
and any perceived attack on that view flares your emotions! (and bye bye logic)

Behind your thoughts and emotions resides a mighty unknown master.
Your true self. Hiding in your body right now.
Ready to master your emotions instead of letting them master you.

Paradise could be yours right now. Heaven on Earth.
All it takes is a choice, love or fear?

And what follows will be more glorious than you can imagine:
Call it cause and effect,
call it action-reaction,
call it karma.

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