"Battle not with monsters - lest ye become a monster."
Friedrich Nietzsche
"To fight the empire is to be infected by its derangement. Whoever defeats part of the empire becomes the empire;
it proliferates like a virus... thereby it becomes its enemies."
Philip K. Dick
"When masses are made to believe something negative, they may create what they did not want, which is how for instance the 'NWO' works.
You are believing it is taking shape, so it will take shape and theorists are major players in helping this taking shape by bombarding you with 'facts'
that it is taking shape. Claiming you are giving in power everyday, and they control you more... while in reality you are in full control.
So the people who are 'waking up' to it are the ones who are creating it.
Resist, the control being forced upon humanity. React, when they do their political manueverings to bring about less sovereignty and greater suffering for the nations of the world. But we mustnít resist and react to this control. What the illuminati and their luciferian leader want is for us to become that radical element (again it doesnít matter which side we choose). We can be either for them or against them. If we react and if we resist, we give them the manipulative power to push the agenda along. By resisting and reacting, we are demonstrating that we believe the subliminal hypnotic suggestion, thereby making it our reality, and the events they wish to occur concerning humanity, and that they wish to appear real, will occur and it becomes our reality.
Do not pay attention to the 'world events', they are all orchestrated to make you pay attention to them.
The struggle you should pay attention to is on a personal level.
The Insider

From the Latin gubernare and the Greek kubernan, meaning 'to control'
and from the Latin mente, meaning 'mind'
Government = The control of the mind

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